We Added All The Ships!

This week, General Michael Tolleson announced the launch of three new ships to our Fleet! Please join us in congratulating the crews of the:

  • USS Arrowhead, commanded by Geno Younger and Tiffany Fields, of Oklahoma City, OK
  • USS Sam Houston, commanded by Rick Penney and Trevor Chambers, of Ft. Worth, TX
  • USS Chicago, commanded by Jay Hurd and Otilio Puente, of Illinois

Fair winds and following seas, ladies and gents! Congratulations on your new posts, and may your journeys be ever safe and bring good fortune!

Mission: Fleet Patch a Success!

Last November, our Pennsylvania Squadron Commander, Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Zachary McCauley, had the distinct honor of attending the NASA Social MAVEN Tweet-up event at Cape Canaveral. On his journey, he handed a Fleet patch to NASA’s Social Media Director, who promised to pass it on to NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden.

Today RDML McCauley received confirmation that our little shuttle package has reached its destination! Below are an image of the patch in question before it was handed over, and the tweet of delivery confirmation! We are sad to report that we don’t have photographic evidence, but if we here at the Fleet can’t trust the guys from NASA…

1455027_10151728055106230_457778363_n 10551877_10152167081041230_671345883_n

Check out the full gallery from the MAVEN event here.

All Things Blue: Andorian Makeup Review (part one)

By Commander Kristal Mize
USS Andraste
Florida Squadron

I am fond of cosplaying an Andorian. As seen in Enterprise, most Andorian females wear blue cosmetics except in the comics, where they can be seen wearing blue eye shadow and bright red lipstick, which I highly recommend against UNLESS you’re cosplaying. This is part one of a three part makeup review, and includes the things currently in my makeup case.

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Update, update, update!

Alright friends and fans! We’ve been quite busy around Fleet Headquarters lately, and we’ve heard your cries! We are charging through year number two boldly as ever, and we’ve finally reached a point where we can bring you a bigger, better website! Thank for your patience as we have been gathering the resources and information to bring you a one stop shop for all things 1701st!

Take a look around. You’ll see some recent changes to these items have occurred this week:

  • Added information to Ship page.
  • Updated Quadrant and Squadron page to current information.
  • NEW! Fleet News and Fleet Blogs can now be found in their own locations! Check out the newly minted “Blog” section from our navigation pane, and enjoy our news updates separately – right here on the home page!

Stay tuned! We have a LOT more coming your way! Live long and prosper!

Bring a little gaming to your Star Trek


By Captain Jondi Soper
Deputy PR Officer
Indiana Squadron

I am a gamer. A tabletop gamer, to be more specific, but I have also been a long-time Star Trek fan. I can remember, as a child, watching The Original Series on television…albeit through the fuzzy static of a television picture without cable television. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to combine my two loves, until not long ago.

Sure, I knew about all the sci-fi themed games out there (board game and tabletop RPG’s alike), but until Mayfair Games came out with the Star Trek version of Settlers of Catan, it never occurred to me to look for Star Trek themed games. Continue reading