USS Snowflake

Attention on Deck:

General Broadcast message cleared all channels, all stations:

We would like to make a announcement: There has been a new state of the art Deep Space Science Vessel that has just been commissioned. It’s on going mission will be to explore the farthest reaches of the 1701st known space. It will gather crew from different worlds and societies. It will embody Star Fleet’s true vision of IDIC. We can not stress how important how this vessel will be to reaching out to area’s other Star Ships have not charted before. With an undertaking of this large, it will need a Commanding Officer that can meet those demands head on. And that Commanding Officer will be Rear Admiral Lower Half Sarah Van der Veken. Her dedication to duty and professionalism earns her high marks for a mission of this size. In the coming days and weeks, she will be personally picking out her crew. Any and all questions will be directed to her.

Because of an undertaking of this size, She will also be transferring from her position as FPM, and filling that spot will be Lt. Commander Younger, who has shown remarkable adaptability and can do attitude.

Please join us in congratulating both of these fine Officers in their new roles.


Commander Nathan Adams
FCOit 1701st
Delaney Station

Interview with Michele Specht

Interview with Michele Specht, conducted and transcribed by Senior Chief Petty Officer Phil Cherry

Our very own Phil Cherry sits down for an interview with Michele Specht, who plays Dr. Elise MacKennah in Star Trek Continues. As well as portraying Starfleet’s first ever ship’s counsellor, Michele is known to Sci-Fi fans as insane bounty hunter Red in “Fallout: Nuka Break”, and as Betty the Manipulation Core in the Portal-based “Aperture R&D”. Her television work includes roles on “CSI: NY” and “Disney’s “Kickin’ It”, as well as series regular Katie in “I Hate My 30s”. Her feature films include “The Last Godfather” with Harvey Kietel, “Politics of Love” with Loretta Divine, and “The Columbian Connection” with Tom Sizemore. She has also voiced roles in animated films (“Madagascar: Escape to Africa”), animated series (Cartoon Network’s “MAR”), and several popular video games and anime series
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