Star Trek Continues “The White Iris” Episode Review

By Captain Jondi Schmitt-Soper

It’s exciting to sit down to watch a new Star Trek Continues episode. I’m only 38, I never got to experience waiting for the next Star Trek (TOS) episode to air, but I also didn’t have to experience the letdown when it was canceled. But, Star Trek Continues gives me an idea of what it is like to wait in anticipation for a new tale of Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise. Continue reading

7 Things I Learned from Star Trek, Part 5

by Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Joseph White

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Earth (and the Federation) is a paradise (or not).

One of the things that was particularly interested in, while watching Star Trek as child, was the claim that Earth (and by proxy,) the Federation were paradises.  Humanity had learned to stop fighting over things such as oil, land, water, and religion, and had worked together to build a brighter future.  In this new Earth, and by proxy, the Federation, there was no hunger, no thirst, no sickness, and you could follow your heart and do the job you wanted to, or if you wanted to, not work at all. Continue reading