The Art of Diplomacy

by Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Joseph White

As a fan of science fiction in general, and Star Trek in particular, the one thing that I’ve noticed is the purpose of diplomacy (or the lack thereof,) in the Story Telling.  I also found it interesting that once I started thinking about it, exactly how many science fictions stories use diplomacy to strengthen the story telling. Continue reading

Seven Things I Learned from Star Trek, Part 7

by Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Joseph White

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Part Seven: Tolerance and Society.

I was going to make the seventh part of this article about the future incarnations of the Enterprise, but after the happenings of the last two days, (Thursday and Friday,) I felt compelled to change this last part to the most important lesson that watching 50 years of Star Trek has taught me, and that is Tolerance and the many facets of society. Continue reading