Coverage & Testimonials

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We do a lot of things, and we go to a lot of places.  We’ve had the pleasure of performing a Starfleet Escort of Sir Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) himself, and we’ve been on stage in front of hundreds of people.  If we’re doing our jobs right, then we inevitably leave an impression on the people that we meet– and this page is devoted specifically to that purpose!

Here you’ll find links to videos, articles, podcasts, and a slew of other media, detailing our previous Away Missions.  We’ll be updating as more rolls in, too, so expect this page to get a lot bigger!

Dallas Comic Con, 2011:

Wizard World Austin, 2011:

Sci-Fi Expo, 2012:

Dallas Comic Con, 2012:

Wizard World Austin, 2012:

Long Beach Comic Con 2012:

Starfleet USO Show, 2012:


Texas Lottery Star Trek Scratch Off Unveiling:

Grand Slam Star Trek Convention, 2013

Anaheim Wondercon, 2013:

Long Beach Comic Expo, 2013:

Wizard World Philadelphia, 2013:

Galileo Shuttlecraft Unveiling at Space Center Houston, 2013:

Space City Con, 2013:

Starfleet USO Show, 2013:

Stan Lee’s Comikaze, 2013:

December, 2013:

Starfleet USO Show at Space City Con Galveston, 2014: