Fleet FAQ

Q: What is the 1701st?

A: The 1701st Fleet is a Star Trek based costume and fan organization with members from all over the world who come from diverse backgrounds and share a love or passion for Star Trek. The 1701st Fleet gives members the opportunity to interact social and recreationally with people all over the world who share similar interests.
In representing the fictional Star Trek universe, the 1701st Fleet pools members efforts and collective talents to assist in various charitable works in a effort to promote the late Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a better future for all mankind.

Q: How do I get promoted in the 1701st Fleet?

A: There are many ways to move up through the ranks within the Fleet. The 1701st Fleet offers a variety of different online academy courses, ranging from leadership to intelligence to engineering, tactical, medical, science and more. Completion of these courses will earn members periodic promotions. Members seeking promotion will need to be active within the fleet and/or their local squadron by participating in at east one activity a year and staying active in social and recreational discussion. Promotions are vetted by the Senior staff of the Fleet, which includes the Fleet Admiral and his/her assistant.

Q: Where can I find links to the courses in the Academy?
A: All Academy courses can be found at http://academy.1701st.com/ or by going to the “Explore” menu on our website and selecting The 1701st Academy. Once there, you can create a new user account and start taking courses! Keys to each course can be found in the File section of the Fleet’s facebook group.

Q: Where can I find the names of the people who are in charge?

A: The names of our Fleet commanding officers and Fleet staff can be found on our website by going to the “About the Fleet” menu and selecting Fleet Staff. Squadron and Ship commanding officer names can be found in the “Fleet Registry” menu on our website and they are listed by state or ship. Members can also access a list of Squadron and Ship commanding officers in the File section of our Fleet member Facebook group.

Q: Is there a member list?

A: We do not keep a public list of members. Senior Staff, Squadron Commanding Officers and Ship Captains do, however, keep up-to-date member lists. A list of all the Honorary members can also be found on our website in the “Explore” menu.

Q: How can I find out what conventions anyone in my area in which any crew members are going to?

A: The Fleet Public Relations Committee (PRC) tries to keep a current list of scheduled appearances on the website, which can be found by going to the “Events” menu and selecting “Upcoming Events.” The PRC also maintains a Twitter (@1701stFleet) and a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/The1701stFleet), where we do our best to promote all upcoming appearances. If all else fails, you are welcome to contact us through our website or on Facebook to find out if there are any upcoming appearances or events in your area.

Q: Where I can get a uniform?

A: There are many places, with a range of price tags, where you can acquire Star Trek uniforms. Already made uniforms can be purchased at a variety of costume websites and The 1701st Fleet is not affiliated with any of the sites or businesses. Some of the sites our members have purchased uniforms include:
Screen accurate patterns for a majority of the uniforms can be purchased at www.roddenberry.com.
The 1701st Fleet also has several members with costume design and/or sewing experience who can offer help, advice and some will even make costumes for fellow members on commission.

Q: Is there a place where I can get any 1701st swag?

A: Currently you can order 1701st Fleet t-shirts at Cafe Press for $24. We hope to be able to offer more swag in the future.

Q: How can I start a ship?
A: Any member of The 1701st Fleet can start a new ship by gathering a group of interested members together and then following carefully laid out steps in our Fleet Shuttle Launch Program. More information can be provided to interested members.

Q: Is the 1701st international?

A: No…we are all over galaxy! Seriously though, The 1701st Fleet is international. We currently have members in the United States, England, Japan, Australia and more. We are growing every single day!

Q: Where can I find out what the ranks look like?

A: Ranks exist in the Fleet in a reward capacity only and have no bearing on chain o command. A list of available ranks and basic requirements can be found in our Fleet Charter on our website in the “About the Fleet” menu, Fleet Charter, Article 7.

Q: What uniform should I wear?

A: The easy answer to this is any Star Trek uniform you want! While the 1701st Fleet does have some units that have specific uniforms or uniform requirements (such as the MACO’s and the Pink Squadron), members who wish to wear uniforms at events are encouraged to wear whatever uniforms they want. Some ships do have a certain era uniform preference, there are no strict rules regarding your choice of uniform. We only ask that your uniforms are kept clean and presentable when wearing them at official fleet events and appearances.

Q: Who is in charge in my area?

A: Worldwide membership in the Fleet is broken up by continents, which we refer to as Quadrants. Each Quadrant is broken up into territories, which we call Squadrons. Each Squadron has a Squadron Commanding Officer (SCO) who oversees that particular territory.
You can see the Quadrants and current Squadrons on our website in the “Fleet Registry” menu under Quadrants and Squadrons. If there isn’t a Squadron currently in your area, then you are welcome to join and start your own!

Q: How do I join?

A: Joining is easy and FREE. You can join by filling out our online registration form, which can be accessed on our website by clicking the “Enlist Now” button on our website or selecting “Enlistment” on the menu sidebar.

Q: What do members of the 1701st Fleet do?

A: The easier question to answer would be what DON’T they do? We strive to offer activities and events that would appeal to kids and adults of all ages and walks of life. Members attend conventions, go to events, converse in forums and on Facebook, write stories, make videos. The galaxy…or even the universe…is the only limit!

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