Our Mission

From the 1701st Fleet Charter:

“The 1701st Fleet is a Star Trek based costuming fan group in which people of diverse backgrounds with and interest in Star Trek can interact socially and recreationally. By representing the fictional Star Trek universe, we will pool our efforts and collective talents to assist in various charitable works in an effort to promote the late Gene Roddenberry’s dream of the best for all of humanity.”

…But, unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that that doesn’t even really begin to cover it, now does it?

It isn’t about any one thing, or what any one person can take away from the experience.  We’re proud to have a membership who understands and believes that what we are building here is bigger than any single one of us, and that it absolutely must be treated as such.

Because, let’s face it, anyone can put on a pair of ‘space pajamas’ and go to a convention, or host a get-together to sit down and watch reruns.  Anyone can sit on Facebook, or in Star Trek Online, and debate the finer points of the franchise.  But to actually step into the ideal that Roddenberry left us with, and not only relish in each other’s differences, but use those differences to go out, have fun, and do good things for others?  That couldn’t be more Star Trek.

We have a saying in the 1701st Fleet: Go Boldly, or Go Home.  We mean that.1701st-Fleet_SM

There are more ‘Star Trek fan clubs’ out there than you can shake a phaser at.  Some of them get together and host events for the general public, some of them get together and watch television over pizza, and some of them just sit on the computer and post whatever random stuff they happen to find online.  People start up ‘ships’ that inevitably end up stagnating and doing nothing, or they build a place for themselves and their group, only to let it fly apart at the seams over something trivial.

There are entire groups out there who are comprised of people who strive to earn a fictional rank, only to delude themselves into believing that it’s real and gives them power over life and death– in a VOLUNTEER organization.  There are even countless groups who have forgotten their way, and allowed endless debates and bickering and backstabbing to take priority, rather than progress.

That’s not us.

We’re not about that, and we never will be.

We want to build a worldwide organization of kind, generous, and positive individuals who love their fandom and are more than happy to share it with the world– especially if it can help those who truly need it.  This isn’t the 1990’s anymore, and it’s not an embarrassment to call yourself a Trekker or a Trekkie.  You’re no longer that teenage kid who had to worry about being bullied or made fun of because you were just a little too nerdy or geeky for the others.

If you have ever owned a proverbial freak flag, then now is the time to let it fly.

If you have ever said ‘I want to build a Captain’s Chair’, or thought to yourself that you might want to try on Klingon makeup, then this is your place.

Go Boldly, or Go Home.

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