Captain Phil Cherry Interviews Chuck Huber

Cam: Alright, ready!

PC: So, I’m here with Chuck Huber, the… person who plays Bones on Star Trek Continues- excellent, Star Trek Continues!

CH: Thank you!

PC: You’re a voice actor, you direct, right?

CH: Yeah, I make my own films, I act in movies, I do voices, I act in Star Trek Continues.. Sometimes I skateboard behind my dog.

PC: Skateboarding behind your dog is fun, right?

CH: Yeah, it is. It’s a great way to make them tired.

PC: So, how did you get involved with Star Trek Continues?

CH: I’ve known Vic Mignogna, our executive producer and our Captain Kirk since, I don’t know, 2000? 1999? So like, 15, 16 years, and we’ve been friends. We became friends pretty quick. Vic acted- he was a lead in one of my movies that I filmed, and then when it came time for him to film something, he was like, I want to do it with my friends, and he and I were friends, so we were like, okay! Let’s do it!

PC: So, how similar is Bones’ personality to your personality? How crotchety are you?

CH: Uh, I’m not.. I’m not really very crotchety, I’m really pretty pragmatic, you know? Which I’d say Bones is pragmatic and it goes into crotchety. You know, I think he’s – I think where I sync with Bones is he’s the character that feels like he’s most out of the Star Trek universe, you know? It seems like he would fit in with people nowadays more easily than he does with the sort of future people, and their sensibilities. And so, in that way, I feel a little bit out of place sometimes in society, so that’s where I sort of connect to Bones.

PC: I think he’s a Western character.

CH: Yeah!

PC: I think he’s an old-fashioned.. doctor from a Western.

CH: Yeah, straight up.. straight up Western doctor, yeah, totally.

PC: So, which do you prefer, live-acting, or voice-acting?

CH: You know, they both have their awesomeness, like, I’d say, as an artistic itch, live acting in front of the camera or on stage- on stage, especially Shakespeare, is probably my favorite. And then, second would be film acting, and then, voice acting, but voice acting has the convention thing that comes with it, and- so I enjoy going to anime conventions and regular comicons.

PC: So, what’s your favorite Shakespeare play?

CH: Uh, last one I did- Taming of the Shrew. And then I’ll do another Shakespeare play, and then that’ll be my favorite.

PC: Not that anyone’s interested, but “Measure for Measure” is mine.

CH: Ok, yeah! Measure for Measure is a good one.

PC: It’s rarely done, but it’s…

CH: No, it is. It is rarely done. It’s an excellent play, though. Merry Wives of Windsor, also one that’s not done a lot, but it’s also really fun.

PC: So, you do game work too?

CH: Yeah, I worked on Borderlands 2, Aeon Flux, Ghostbusters, I play Ra in the.. it’s an RPG game called Smite.

PC: Borderlands is one of my favorites.

CH: Yeah! I play Mick Zaford *with accent* “I’ve got a terrible Irish dialect for ya, not Mick Zaford, aishashaishashai, leprechauns, and drinking, and whiskey, and Catholic That’s how I got into the dialect. I actually went to a convention in Dublin after doing Borderlands, and I was like, *with accent* “I’d like to ‘pologize for my Irish dialect, n’at, it was terrible Lucky Charms”.

PC: Oh my goodness.

CH: Yeah.

PC: Well, thank you sir, very much-

CH: Yeah, my pleasure!

PC: I appreciate it. And you’re our newest honorary member-

CH: Yes! Awesome!

PC: So we’ll put your profile on our website.

CH: Glad to be part of the team!

PC: This will be on there-

CH: Yeah, awesome! Very good!

PC: Thank you so much!

CH: Thank you!

PC: I very much appreciate it.

CH: Yeah, yeah, thank you guys!

Transcribed By Commander Elizabeth Lukjanczuk