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Cake: The Final Frontier is a collaboration of effort by 18 cake and sugar artists from around the world, joining together in their passion for the sugar arts and love of the Star Trek franchise. Heading the mission of Starbase 6250 was Captain Scott Russell (Lt. Cmdr., and SCO of the 1701st Fleet’s Pacific Northwest Squadron), life-long Star Trek fan, and baker/cake decorator since the age of 8. His crew came together to choose projects from different Starfleet “departments” such as Advanced Starship Design Bureau (Starfleet and other vessels), Federation Archives – Alpha Team (favorite TV episode moments), Exobiology (alien species), To Absent Friends (In Memoriam), and many more. Knowing the breadth and depth of fandom for the franchise, Russell wanted to get his crew’s work seen by as many fans as possible. He reached out to Roddenberry Entertainment, who invited the Starbase’s crew to bring their work to the […]

Rear Admiral, Lower Half Phil Cherry interviews Honorary Member Chuck Huber, who plays Dr. Leonard McCoy in Star Trek Continues.

Captain Phil Cherry Interviews Chris Doohan, son of the great James Doohan,  at Space City Comic Con in Houston, Texas.

by Ensign Sherry Emerson The Gorn race are actually three species who are  genetically identical and lived on three separate worlds. After they achieved space travel, the three Gorn races discovered one another and learnt of their similarity whereupon it was discovered, through fossil records, that none of their planets was their races true homeworld.

By Ensign Cody L. Martin By now most Trek fans have heard the news that a new series is in the works. That news alone got us excited. Then the showrunners were announced: Bryan Fuller, Rod Roddenberry, Alex Kurtzman, and Nicholas Meyers. All names familiar to fans. It sounds like a great lineup.

By Commander Shane Tierney I love J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboots. There. I said it and I am not ashamed. It seems that that statement is quite a polarizing one. But perhaps a little clarification is in order before the pitchforks get raised.