Congratulations are in order

Attention on Deck:

To all that see these presents, greetings: Know ye that, reposing special trust and confidence in the abilities of Kristal Mize, We do appoint them the rank of Commander in the 1701st Fleet as such from this Stardate of 01/14/2015. This Officer will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the Office which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining.

This commission is to continue in force during the pleasure of the Admiralty of the 1701st for the time being, under the by laws and rules and regulations set forth. Let it also be known that Commander Kristal Mize has also been assigned to the Operations Department where they will serve as Fleet Operations Officer. Please join us in Congratulating Commander Mize!!!

Congratulations and Condolences!

Organizational Annoucement

Today we announce a bit of a change in the Fleet Command Office. We offer our sincerest congratulations and condolences to all parties involved! LLAP and Good Luck!


On December 1, 2014 Fleet Commanding Officer Admiral Cody Glenn made the following Fleet Wide Announcement:

“Good morning from the Fleet Command Staff.

When we chose to create this organization, we did so with the understanding that launching a new organization would be, by far, more difficult than simply running a chapter of an existing organization. It would require a hierarchy and a chain of command, so that everyone who wanted to volunteer for a leadership position could carry their own weight, instead of one or two people carrying it all. It would require new rules, regulations, and bylaws in order to work properly. It would also require precedents to be set, so that those who take over positions in the future have a clear knowledge of how things work.

The difficulty in starting an organization from scratch comes from setting those precedents and building a strong foundation that can continue to be built upon. It is my belief that we have accomplished every step… except for one.

Today, a new precedent is set, limiting the Fleet Commanding Officer and Fleet Executive Officer positions to a single consecutive term of two years in office. Those in these positions may only hold the office for one consecutive term. Whereas Michael Tolleson and I officially took these offices on May 29th, 2013, our terms will conclude on May 29th, 2015. At that time, a new Fleet Commanding Officer and Fleet Executive Officer, appointed by the existing Fleet Commanding Officer and Fleet Executive Officer, will take office.”

To follow this, on January 1, 2015, he made the announcement of the two lucky officers who were chosen to begin their training. Please help us welcome and congratulate Commander Nathan Adams from California on his promotion to Fleet Commanding Officer in Training, and to Captain Jenn Russell of Nevada to her promotion to Fleet Executive Officer in Training! We will see you in office effective May 29th!!

The Fleet goes full Riker for November

During the month of November, The 1701st Fleet joins together for an online charity campaign known internationally as Movember.

Movember is a fund-raising charity striving to provide information and awareness for men’s health. As our second annual team grows their beards, we invite you to help support the cause! Our men are proudly participating in No-Shave November as it’s oft called, and our women have drafted a 30 day workout routine, because let’s face it, you don’t want to see them with a beard!

Check out our Fleet Team page here for more information on how you can donate or become involved!

We Added All The Ships!

This week, General Michael Tolleson announced the launch of three new ships to our Fleet! Please join us in congratulating the crews of the:

  • USS Arrowhead, commanded by Geno Younger and Tiffany Fields, of Oklahoma City, OK
  • USS Sam Houston, commanded by Rick Penney and Trevor Chambers, of Ft. Worth, TX
  • USS Chicago, commanded by Jay Hurd and Otilio Puente, of Illinois

Fair winds and following seas, ladies and gents! Congratulations on your new posts, and may your journeys be ever safe and bring good fortune!

Mission: Fleet Patch a Success!

Last November, our Pennsylvania Squadron Commander, Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Zachary McCauley, had the distinct honor of attending the NASA Social MAVEN Tweet-up event at Cape Canaveral. On his journey, he handed a Fleet patch to NASA’s Social Media Director, who promised to pass it on to NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden.

Today RDML McCauley received confirmation that our little shuttle package has reached its destination! Below are an image of the patch in question before it was handed over, and the tweet of delivery confirmation! We are sad to report that we don’t have photographic evidence, but if we here at the Fleet can’t trust the guys from NASA…

1455027_10151728055106230_457778363_n 10551877_10152167081041230_671345883_n

Check out the full gallery from the MAVEN event here.

Update, update, update!

Alright friends and fans! We’ve been quite busy around Fleet Headquarters lately, and we’ve heard your cries! We are charging through year number two boldly as ever, and we’ve finally reached a point where we can bring you a bigger, better website! Thank for your patience as we have been gathering the resources and information to bring you a one stop shop for all things 1701st!

Take a look around. You’ll see some recent changes to these items have occurred this week:

  • Added information to Ship page.
  • Updated Quadrant and Squadron page to current information.
  • NEW! Fleet News and Fleet Blogs can now be found in their own locations! Check out the newly minted “Blog” section from our navigation pane, and enjoy our news updates separately – right here on the home page!

Stay tuned! We have a LOT more coming your way! Live long and prosper!

Website Grand Opening Coming Soon!

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that the 1701st Fleet website will experience its Grand Opening on Monday, February 24th, 2014!  With the Grand Opening comes a fully operational website, ready for a ton of traffic flow from both our fans and our active members!

Keep in mind that we have a lot to do, and please be patient as we prepare for the Grand Opening of our official website!  It will be worth it!

The 1701st Fleet Site Has Launched!

At last, after months of waiting, the 1701st Fleet has finally launched its official website!  Of course, it’s not finished just yet– there is a lot more content for us to add over the coming weeks, including articles, pages, entire galleries of photos, and a full enlistment system– but hey, we can’t argue with progress!

Be sure to bookmark the page, and check back frequently!  Or better yet, if you’re a member, take a moment to set us as your homepage!